About this Site

Yes, it’s another book blog! The Internet has such a dearth of them, I thought my words were needed to fill the void. Yes, that’s a joke.

My name is Laura and I love to read books, when I can tear myself away from the few addictive television shows I watch or the latest updates on Twitter or Google Reader.

I can be contacted at this email address: readinginbed1 at gmail.com



  1. Bookwoman44 said,

    I am also passionate about reading–which are the best websites that will lead me to the best books and authors–

  2. Laura said,


    I would highly recommend the podcast and blog called Books on the Nightstand, created/maintained by two folks in the publishing business.

    The GoodReads website is addictive, as you can find reviews and discussions about books going on constantly.

    Have fun!!


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